Month: April 2015

Don’t Believe Every Shout For Handball

Like thirty thousand others from our area, I went along to Wembley Stadium for Reading’s historic semi-final of the FA Cup against Arsenal.  I was asked after the game what I thought about all the shouts for handball, but high

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Does a Player’s Past Actions Affect Referees’ Decisions?

There was an incident in the Bournemouth v Sheffield Wednesday game last Saturday that seemed to me to have an interesting link with Bournemouth’s game at Reading on the Tuesday before. Unlike their game against Reading, Bournemouth managed only a

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The Penalty Kick Retaken Four Days Later

Last week UEFA made an unprecedented decision at their under 19s Women’s Championship qualifying competition. England had to win or draw their game against Norway to go on to the finals, being held in Israel later in the year. If

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Is Yelling “Goalie’s” a Verbal Distraction?

A talking point in March discussed whether a particular manner of shouting may constitute unsporting behaviour. One of our members referred to an incident during a game on which he was an Assistant Referee. An attacking player was in behind the

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Liz Verrall, CEO Berks & Bucks FA

At the March open meeting Reading RA were pleased to welcome Liz Verrell, newly appointed CEO of Berks & Bucks FA. Liz is of course no stranger to the Allied Counties having previously been County Development Manager and she has

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Offside – It’s Not Difficult to Understand

A lot of people seem confused about the offside law these days including some Premier League managers. Some have said they don’t understand it. Others have shown their lack of understanding by their protestations, such as Steve Bruce of Hull

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There is a Conspiracy – But Against Referees

There has been a lot of talk this season about a conspiracy by referees. The talk has come from Jose Mourinho, manager of Chelsea, who has argued that there is deliberate concerted campaign by referees against his team and even

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