Author: Dick Sawdon Smith

Why Should Control of Players be Left to Referees?

  It’s widely known I think, that referees in the Premier League and Football League have been told to clamp down on some of the over aggressiveness of players. This is nothing to do with the changes to the laws

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When Handball Warrants a Caution

Listening to one commentator on television at Euro 2016, I was intrigued by his comment after the referee blew for handball. ‘Referees’, he said, ‘no longer have to give a yellow card for every handball’. He was referring of course

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Advantage need not always be played

Referees love to play advantage and if it comes off, perhaps a goal scored, they couldn’t be more pleased. It does however have its dangers as some recent incidents have shown. In the England v Germany friendly match the ITV

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Going soft on DOGSO

  The International FA Board, the games’ law makers, sanctioned many experiments at this year’s meeting, but in my opinion they have been bullied into agreeing to one for a change to the law regarding denying a goal scoring opportunity.

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Liz Verrall – B&B FA CEO returns one year on

  Our guest speaker for March was Liz Verrall, CEO of Berks & Bucks FA, who made a return visit following her attendance at our meeting a year ago. She said she wanted to review some of the promises made

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Video Refs won’t solve all controversies

As well as approving the newly written Laws of the Game and all its changes, the International FA Board at its meeting in Cardiff earlier his month, also agreed to experiment with video replays for referees after flatly refusing to

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The Fourth Official is not a Manager’s verbal punchbag

  There can be few football fans in this country who have not seen the photo or video of Louis van Gaal, the Manchester United manager, literally throwing himself down at the feet of Mike Dean, who was acting as

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Messi and Suarez’s joint penalty

Several people have asked about the ‘joint’ penalty kick by the FC Barcelona duo, Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez. I didn’t see it but it appears that Messi is the designated penalty taker for the team, but he didn’t want

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All change for the Laws of the Game this summer

This Saturday, 5th March, the International FA Board, the body responsible for the laws of football, holds is annual general meeting in Cardiff. The first item on the agenda is ‘Revision of the Laws of the Game’. Its members will

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Full-time Refs for Championship next season

  Except for rare occurrences when they have a Premier League referee in charge, referees at Reading matches are not full time officials. They all have ‘day’ jobs which are not usually connected with football. This can be quite stressful.

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