Month: February 2012

Change proposed to denying an obvious goal-scoring opportunity

This coming Saturday 3rd March, the International Football Association Board will be meeting in Surrey to discuss possible changes to the Laws of the Game. For those who are not aware of it, the IFAB is the body which makes

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Guest speaker Feb 2012: Paul Hardie – “managing advantage”

Paul Hardie, our guest speaker for February, qualified as a referee in the RAF. He attained his Class 1 (in old money) in whilst serving in Cyprus, where he refereed on the Cyprus National League for three years. Returning to

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Inconsistency is not always what it seems

The complaint of inconsistency is frequently levelled at referees and a major topic that was discussed by Europe’s top referees in Turkey this month, was uniformity of decisions. The Laws of football are the same where ever it is played

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Referees don’t have to say heads or tails at toss up

date: 2012/2/15 At the beginning of last season, my wife and I spent a holiday in Turkey to celebrate a significant wedding anniversary. The season having already started meant that I was going to miss a couple of Match of

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Open meeting – February 2012

Our monthly meeting is this Thursday, 16 February, 7.45pm as usual at the Madejski Stadium. We will be starting the meeting with a brief Special General Meeting to set the subscription fee for the next year. This month’s guest is

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Football is not something to die for

This is a column that I have deliberately delaying in writing and I think that if you read on you will probably understand why. The footballing worlds of England and Wales were shocked by the seemingly unexplainable death of Gary

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from: offside: definition of interfering with play is playing or touching the ball

Have you received one of the new 50 pence pieces in your change yet? These feature various Olympic sports on the rear, to honour the fact that the games are being held in England this summer. One thing I like

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