Month: December 2015

Mini Law Quiz – Dec 2015

In one of my games a player kicked the ball directly into the opponent’s goal from kick off. How did I restart the game? Answer: Kick off to the opposing team because Law 8 says; ‘A goal may be scored

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A Little Sign of Goodwill

A lot of hot air was generated after the Liverpool v West Bromwich Albion Premier clash recently but I spotted one little goodwill gesture. A great fuss was made about Liverpool’s manager Jurgen Klopp’s failure to shake the hand of

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Abuse Them and You’ll Lose Them

A new survey has shown that two thirds of referees say they are regularly abused. Over 2000 referees took part in survey conducted by the sporting University of Loughborough. 32% of the participants were Level 7 referees who are junior

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Deliberate Handball is Not Always Simple

Swansea City felt they were robbed when they lost their game against Liverpool by a penalty for handball. Gary Monk, their manager, said Swansea’s Neil Taylor had his back the ball, so how could it be deliberate as demanded by

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What do Goal Line Assistant Referees do?

A refereeing colleague said to me recently, ‘what are these extra officials who stand on the goal line supposed to do? He had been watching Champions League matches and was referring to the two Additional Assistant Referees as they are

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