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Mini Law Quiz – Dec 2015

In one of my games a player kicked the ball directly into the opponent’s goal from kick off. How did I restart the game? Answer: Kick off to the opposing team because Law 8 says; ‘A goal may be scored

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Mini Law Quiz – Oct 2015

The Goalkeeper in his own penalty area realises that a deliberate kick back to him from one of his defenders is a little wayward and likely to go into the goal, so he dives and denies an obvious goal by

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Sept 2015 Mini Law Quiz

In the Norwich City v Crystal Palace match, Simon Hooper in his first game after being promoted to the Premier League, disallowed a goal by Cameron Jerome, scored by what many thought was a brilliant overhead, scissors kick. No opponent

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Five Minute Law Quiz – Feb 2015

Two players following the ball, go off the field of play, where the defender strikes the attacker. The ball is still in play when you blow the whistle for the offence. How would you restart play? Law 12 cites that

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