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When Handball Warrants a Caution

Listening to one commentator on television at Euro 2016, I was intrigued by his comment after the referee blew for handball. ‘Referees’, he said, ‘no longer have to give a yellow card for every handball’. He was referring of course

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Deliberate Handball is Not Always Simple

Swansea City felt they were robbed when they lost their game against Liverpool by a penalty for handball. Gary Monk, their manager, said Swansea’s Neil Taylor had his back the ball, so how could it be deliberate as demanded by

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Don’t Believe Every Shout For Handball

Like thirty thousand others from our area, I went along to Wembley Stadium for Reading’s historic semi-final of the FA Cup against Arsenal.  I was asked after the game what I thought about all the shouts for handball, but high

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