Month: September 2014

Videos & Articles — Fri 26th Sept 2014

  YOU-ARE-THE-REF discusses last weekend’s games with Keith Hackett & David Hirst   PAUL REJER : Discusses mass confrontation—2014–-wk28.php   KEITH HACKETT : Grappling is back, thanks to weak refereeing   FIFA to approve 3-minute concussion breaks

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Videos & Articles — Fri 19th Sept 2014

  FOOTBALL REFEREES : A tribute to the men in black ?   KEITH HACKETT : Are fans having value for money?    PAUL REJER : Discusses the duration of a match—2014–-wk27.php    KEITH HACKETT and MARK HALSEY

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Videos & Articles — Fri 12th Sept 2014

  SEPP BLATTER : Reveals plans to allow managers to challenge referee’s decisions ?   JIM BOYCE : Against Blatter’s idea to allow challenges ?   KEITH HACKETT : Comments on Blatter’s proposal    GRAHAM POLL : Backs TV

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Videos & Articles – Fri 5th Sep 2014

  PREMIER LEAGUE : You-Are-The-Ref discuss last weekend’s games    IRISH PREMIERSHIP LEAGUE : Incidents from last weekend    PAUL REJER : Discusses the goalkeeper’s 6-second rule—2014–-wk13.php    GLENN TURNER : Addresses why AR standards will continue

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