Videos & Articles — Fri 26th Sept 2014


YOU-ARE-THE-REF discusses last weekend’s games with Keith Hackett & David Hirst


PAUL REJER : Discusses mass confrontation—2014–-wk28.php


KEITH HACKETT : Grappling is back, thanks to weak refereeing


FIFA to approve 3-minute concussion breaks


Crucial Concussion Evaluation Info


The ref booked me – now I’ve married him ?


Coaches, doctors or refs : Who to trust with players’ health?


From the archives : A hat-trick of penalties for Billy Walker (AstonVilla), and a thrice taken third penalty,,10265~4165673,00.html ?


Let fourth official do the challenging, not Jose Mourinho and co


All you need to know about the VANISHING SPRAY ?


Manager Nigel Clough admits shame at ref rage


Referee allows long-range lob from kick-off ?


GERMANY : Referee headset malfunction problem in Bundesliga


HUNGARY : Two convicted of attempted match-fixing ?


ROMANIA : Female goalie tries to attack male referee, gets sent off and removes her top ?


YATR sponsors girls’ football team






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