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Stephen Green

It is with great sadness we have to report the untimely passing of one of our most revered colleagues, Stephen Green. Stephen was an integral member of the local football community for over 30 years. Having qualified as a referee

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Eight Week Pre-Season Fitness Training Returns in July

We’re pleased to confirm Gary Connolly will again lead weekly pre-season training at Laurel Park, commencing at 7pm for a period of 50 minutes. The sessions are geared towards all fitness levels and will have everybody raring to go for

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Is Yelling “Goalie’s” a Verbal Distraction?

A talking point in March discussed whether a particular manner of shouting may constitute unsporting behaviour. One of our members referred to an incident during a game on which he was an Assistant Referee. An attacking player was in behind the

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Handball on the Goal Line?

Determining whether an instance of handball is considered a deliberate act can be one of the toughest decisions a referee will make during any game. There are a number of factors to consider and as with all decisions, must be

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Five Minute Law Quiz – Feb 2015

Two players following the ball, go off the field of play, where the defender strikes the attacker. The ball is still in play when you blow the whistle for the offence. How would you restart play? Law 12 cites that

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CRA 2015

A total of 55 delegates representing 31 County RAs attended this year’s CRA Meeting held in the impressive new surroundings of the De Vere Village Urban Resort on the outskirts of Solihull. As well as many old friends, we were

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Welcome back Jim de Rennes

This month Reading RA is pleased to welcome Jim de Rennes as our guest speaker. An old friend of RRA, Jim has a knack of looking at things in a different light and has provided some enjoyable and thought provoking

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Wait for the Whistle!

One of two talking points raised in December came courtesy of Steve McMahon, who discussed when not to allow a free kick to be taken quickly. The situation arose after the goalkeeper rushed out of the area and fouled an

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Dealing with Misconduct Post Match

As Referees we have all reported misconduct in one form or another. Of course, any two referees will have different levels of tolerance when it comes to dealing with and subsequently reporting misconduct. Thus the question was asked to the

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Is an Avoided DOGSO a Mandatory Caution?

One of two talking points at our November open meeting came courtesy of Paul Gaskin, who had the room contemplating whether or not to caution the goalkeeper, who might have credibly been sent off; a decision he recently faced in

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