Is Yelling “Goalie’s” a Verbal Distraction?

A talking point in March discussed whether a particular manner of shouting may constitute unsporting behaviour. One of our members referred to an incident during a game on which he was an Assistant Referee.

An attacking player was in behind the defenders and chasing the ball toward the opponent’s goal, from which the Goalkeeper was sprinting from the opposite side. Neither of the players had the ball within playing distance and it was very much a 50/50 scenario.

As the keeper rushed out he yelled loudly; “Goalie’s”.

Could this be considered verbal distraction?

It is important to consider that in this instance the yell did not impact the attacker’s determination to win the ball and both players continued toward the challenge. Had a foul been given in a situation whereby a perceived distraction has not affected an opponent, there would be little credibility in doing so.

It was also commented that by yelling “Goalie’s”, he is just making a clear indication that he is coming out to win the ball, but this should not deter an opponent from the challenge. Had the goalkeeper yelled something such as “leave it” then a foul may be awarded, if there is no opportunity to play advantage.

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