Videos & Articles — Fri 27th June 2014

YOU-ARE-THE-REF.COM  — reports on World Cup games
All you need to know about the referees and assistants
OFFICIALS for Matches 27-29, 30-32, 33-36, 37-40, 41-44, 45-48
Colombian AR replaced after offside errors
World Cup referees : professions
How much referees and players earn during the World Cup
Vanishing spray : Five things you may not know
Vanishing spray has a second use!
Are referees too lenient?  Bookings surprisingly low
“Concussion Substitutions” would be a good amendment to the Laws
Leave referees alone and get on with the game sent me these links from its website:
JOEL AGUILAR ( El Salvador )
BEN WILLIAMS ( Australia )
LAW 18 : Biting an opponent!
Ranking the World Cup’s biggest 25 villains of all time
Portrait of a serial winner, Luis Suarez – written BEFORE the World Cup finals; scroll down for article
This is what happens when Messi scores in stoppage time : Argentina v Iran (1-0)
PAUL TREVILLION – Master of Movement – Exhibition 16th June to 5th July at The Strand Gallery, London

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