Videos & Articles — Fri 28th Nov 2014

HOWARD WEBB : Explains what is a head-butt on SKY

YOU-ARE-THE-REF.COM discuss incidents from last weekend

Dutch Football League will be first to use video referees

IFAB : Report after the Annual Business Meeting in Belfast

KEITH HACKETT : Game management and how not to do it

PAUL REJER : Discusses foul throws—2014-playoffs—wk3.php

TED KEARNEY : Talks about the often strained relationship between players and officials

FIFA : Seminar for prospective ARs for Women’s World Cup 2015

CUNYET CAKIR recovers after abandoning game with lung problem

Cuneyt Cakir recovers after abandoning game with lung problem

Some perspective on refereeing

Sister & Brother ARs

Hilarious Penalty Shoot-Out

CHILE : More racism as domestic fixture is suspended

GREECE : Super League matches to resume after federation lifts suspension

TURKEY : Additional regulations to protect referees from the TFF

TFF to ban anyone who insults referees

USA : Referee faces child pornography charge





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