Videos & Articles — Fri 28th Nov 2014

HOWARD WEBB : Explains what is a head-butt on SKY

YOU-ARE-THE-REF.COM discuss incidents from last weekend

Dutch Football League will be first to use video referees

IFAB : Report after the Annual Business Meeting in Belfast

KEITH HACKETT : Game management and how not to do it

PAUL REJER : Discusses foul throws—2014-playoffs—wk3.php

TED KEARNEY : Talks about the often strained relationship between players and officials

FIFA : Seminar for prospective ARs for Women’s World Cup 2015

CUNYET CAKIR recovers after abandoning game with lung problem

Some perspective on refereeing

Sister & Brother ARs

Hilarious Penalty Shoot-Out

CHILE : More racism as domestic fixture is suspended

GREECE : Super League matches to resume after federation lifts suspension

TURKEY : Additional regulations to protect referees from the TFF

USA : Referee faces child pornography charge






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