VIDEOS & ARTICLES — Friday 28.02.2014

Football League appointments : Tuesday 25th February to Wednesday 5th March 2014
Scottish League appointments : Friday 28th February to Wednesday 5th March 2104
Capital One Cup Final appointments : Manchester City v Sunderland at Wembley Stadium, Sunday 2nd March 2014,kick-off 2pm
Algarve Cup appointments, 5-12th March 2014
Reviewing weekend decisions
Breaking the Law : take the penalty area out of penalty decisions
PAUL REJER : Looks at Robbie Rogers’ disallowed goal for LA Galaxy
Left back in the changing room : Playing the Referee
Reporter joins candidates on the FA’s basic refereeing course
AUSTRALIA : Very good clip received from Brisbane.  Did the referee get it right?  An indirect free kick outside the penalty area?  Should there have been a caution? Answer in the current Laws of the Game booklet, page 123, bullet point 12.
FRANCE : Goalkeeper celebrates early in Penalty Shoot-Out
GREECE : Team resigns from league because of the “criminal behaviour of referees …. “
ITALY : Action against indiscipline in Serie ‘A’
TURKEY : Goalkeeper gets referee to change a goal kick into a corner kick decision

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