The Fred Porton Award

The Fred Porton Award is presented to the most promising Lave 7 referee in his or her first two seasons. This annual award is name after Fred Porton who was a great supporter of new and up and coming referees. New referees are seldom the finished article and the award is not about outstanding performance, but about promise when attitude plays as an important a part as ability. It is no coincidence that those who rise to the top in refereeing display an excellent attitude both on and off the field.

This year’s recipient qualified very recently and having survived the ordeal of being a rare adult on a course surrounded by teenagers, immediately transferred his enthusiasm to learn on the field of play. From a very early stage his keenness and ability shone through with his early lining appointments being commented on by numerous referees. He is someone who clearly has natural man management and communication qualities which bode well for a successful career in refereeing.

It is with great pleasure that we announce that recipient of the Fred Porton Award for season 2013/14 is Christian Parker.


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