Guest speaker Sep 2011: Stephen Creighton – “Global Warming and the risks to you as a referee”

Thankfully for those who are global warming sceptics, this was not about climate change but about those times in a match when the temperature of the game suddenly heats up. It was presented by our own chairman and senior training officer, Stephen Green and Stephen Creighton who, as a level 2 referee, is one of the most highly placed and experienced of our members.

The meeting was split up into groups of four or five and asked to discuss match incidents which cause the heat in the game to rise and list what the triggers were for this. Each group was then asked to present its findings and to rank the triggers for heat, in other words how much aggression they could arouse amongst players, on a giant representation of a thermometer. These triggers included violent conduct, dissent, ‘show boating’, club assistant referees and playing advantage.

Stephen Creighton said that advantage was one of things that could cause the greatest trouble in senior football. He reckoned that the safest area and one most appreciated by clubs, was in the attacking third of the field. The two Stephens then worked through the various hot situations listed and suggested tactics for cooling things down. Stephen Creighton said that you must not switch off at any time during the game. He recommended refereeing in ten minute blocks.

Our thanks to both Stephens for putting together this thought provoking presentation. 

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