Dealing with Misconduct Post Match

As Referees we have all reported misconduct in one form or another. Of course, any two referees will have different levels of tolerance when it comes to dealing with and subsequently reporting misconduct. Thus the question was asked to the group, “what is your level of tolerance?”

The example posed was that of a club manager post game persistently questioning a single or multiple decisions made during the game. The Referee answers the questions, then the assistant referees answer the questions, but still the manager continues to have a go at the Officials.

Quite simply, regardless of whether foul language or insulting accusations are made, the persistence undermines the officials and should be reported as misconduct.

In terms of dealing with such misconduct it is important to maintain your composure and professionalism. It is also best to avoid entering a debate. You are not expected to repeat yourself, nor have your assistants questioned when you as a Referee have already given your answer.

Having given your response if a club official continues to have a go, a simple statement like; “You’ve had my answer, if you carry on it will be deemed misconduct”, may bring an end to the situation. If it does not simply refuse to talk further and file a misconduct report.

These techniques can be similarly used on the field of play to deter dissent from players, the added benefit being that avoiding discussions during the game ensures play gets underway quickly and all maintain their focus.

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