Videos & Articles — Fri 13th June 2014

33 REFEREES & 57 ASSISTANT REFEREES appointed to 2104 FIFA World Cup in Brazil
OFFICIALS appointed for first four games, 1-4
2014 FIFA WORLD CUP REFEREES – click ‘All Related items’, bottom right, and then click on the referee’s name for a video on each of the 33 referees
Referee profiles
Referee statistics
Referee Daniel Bennett ( South Africa ) sent home, injured
Assistant Referee Ravinesh Kumar ( Fiji ) misses out.  Reserve AR Mark Rule (NZ) replaces him.
Vanishing Spray and Goal Line Technology will be used
FIFA : World Cup referees told to focus on protecting players
KEITH HACKETT : Let’s get a grip on grapplers
JOHN OLIVER tears apart FIFA and its World Cup preparations (13 min video – very funny – find time to listen!)
2014 FIFA World Cup – Group matches, dates, times, BBC/ITV
World Cup teams and squad numbers – click on country on map and scroll down
The squads in numbers — statistics
World Cup kits
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