Videos & Articles – Fri 10th Oct 2014


FIFA Referees’ Committee 2014-15 ?


FIFA : Retirement age of referees remains at 45 ?


Denoncourt leaves FIFA for CONCACAF ? discusses last weekend’s games


PAUL REJER : Discusses ‘using excessive force’—2014–-wk30.php


KEITH HACKETT : Essential requirements to be a referee


MIKE PAVASOVIC : Is reffing the best way to turn football dreams into reality?


UEFA : Training for Additional Assistant Referees (AARs) ?


EUROPA LEAGUE : Goal awarded from throw-in : Feyenoord v Standard Liege (2-1) ?


ITALIAN FA PRESIDENT calls for use of TV replays ?


BRAZIL tries to solve handball chaos ?


CBF and FIFA referee disagreement tip of Brazilian football iceberg ?


Brazil reject GLT despite FIFA’s financial help


CHINA : New deal with FIFA to boost technical know-how ?


NORTHERN IRELAND : AARs introduced for first time


WALES : Referee exchange programme





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