Videos & Articles — Fri 20th Dec 2013

Here are current Videos & Articles and some which I have collected over the past month.  Likewise, some more collected will be sent out after Christmas.
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                                                                                                                Mal Davies :
Premier League appointments : Saturday 21st to Monday 23rd December 2013
Thursday 26th December 2013
Football League appointments Wednesday 18th to Thursday 26th December 2013
Scottish League appointments : Saturday 21st  December 2013
Thursday 26th December 2013
WINNING GOAL disallowed after smoke obscured AR’s view
PAUL REJER : Four AR calls from MLS play-offs
PLATINI wants sin bins instead of yellow cards
Team protests referee decisions by refusing to play
Player downs AR
Club suspended after players ‘racially abused, punched, stamped on, and head-butted’
Vanishing spray used in Club World Cup
Coach says spray works if referee gets distance right
Ref taunts teenager — fined £35
AUSTRALIA : A-League set to trial GLT
SCOTLAND : Club boss 4-match ban for denying referee post-match dinner
TURKEY : Player uses a second ball to deny an opponent shooting
Soccer lovers best ever guide — YATR “A Guide to Good Refereeing”
Football Referees?  You must be joking!
Sports Officials Consultancy – new website

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