VIDEOS & ARTICLES – Friday 13th February 2015


YATR.COM discusses last weekend’s games


YATR.COM hosts an evening with Big Sam, Thursday 26th February, at Rileys Sports Bar, 80 Haymarket, London SW1Y 4TE


KEITH HACKETT : Body Language – a way to improve your performance


PIERLUIGI COLLINA : Sound advice on what it takes to become a top referee


UEFA : Helping referees read matches


UEFA : The importance of referee education


MLS : New initiatives ahead of start of 2015 season on Friday March 6th.


AUSTRALIA : Referees just cannot win


BELGIUM : Referee accused of bias was a case of mistaken identity


BERMUDA : Referee quits over racist abuse


KENYA : Elite referees set for Physical Endurance Test


NIGERIA : Referees deserve commendation


SCOTLAND : The use of ‘Sportscene’ to the referees’ advantage


VENEZUELA : Juan Soto injured in kidnapping





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