Videos & Articles — Fri 26th Dec 2014 discuss last weekend’s Premier League games


CHRISTMAS DAY 1914 – football was played during a break in the First World War……..


……and how the Christmas truce led to a court martial–sow.html#M3yn9ZA


FERGIE TIME explained


HOWARD WEBB : I’d be crazy to say I don’t miss the big games


Let’s call time on those who run down the clock


FIFA : Announces decision to abolish age limits on international referees


UEFA Referee categories from 1st January 2015


LISBON CONFERENCE : The future of football


IAN WRIGHT : How I smashed the ref’s room after red card


British players dive MORE than foreigners–the-proof-that-british-players-dive-more-than-foreigners-101059495.html?


Retired ref sees first game in almost 70 years


When did football become so angry?


BULGARIA : Police swoop on players, coaches and referees in match-fixing probe


HOLLAND : Serdar Gozubuyuk voted best referee in Eredivisie


NIGERIA : Referees’ boss wants fewer referees in Elite League


USA : The CONCACAF Awards for 2014



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