VIDEOS & ARTICLES — Friday 21.02.2014

Football League appointments : Tuesday 18th to Tuesday 25th February 2014
Scottish FA Cup Round 5 : Appointments Friday 21st to Tuesday 25th February 2104
Scottish referees rise from the depths
Review of Premier League decisions : Tuesday-Wednesday 11-12th February 2014
Initiating the Inquisition : Should referees wear a microphone to communicate decisions
REFEREEING : February 2014 : Joint publication of FA Learning and The Referees’ Association
PAUL GARDNER : The art of ignoring rules – and blaming them when things go wrong
PAUL REJER : Features an excellent example of pro-active player management
Proposals for better refereeing in football — Part 3
ARGENTINA : Dog shows what he thought of the game
AUSTRALIA : Exchange ref use questioned by Roar
BRAZIL : Referee accidentally head-butts player
BULGARIA : AR chats on mobile phone! ¬†Another meaning to being ‘on the line’.
ITALY : Referee bloodied by ball too mouth.  (Think positioning Рtoo close to play?)
UGANDA : Player suspended 365 days

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