VIDEOS & ARTICLES — Friday 01.11.2013

VIDEOS & ARTICLES — Friday 01.11.2013
Some interesting Videos & Articles for your weekend viewing/reading
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                                                                                                                Mal Davies :
Premier League appointments Saturday 2nd to Sunday 3rd November 2013
Football League appointments Friday 1st to Tuesday 5th November 2013
Scottish League appointments Saturday 2nd to Wednesday 6th November 2013
RICHARD SCUDAMORE : Mark Halsey lacking in ‘decency’ after ‘doing the dirty’ on former colleagues
KEN ASTON : The referee who changed history
FIFA : Thomson/Clattenburg U17 World Cup appointment
FIFA NEWS : The bi-monthly FIFA World magazine has been discontinued.
The new FIFA publication is ‘The FIFA Weekly’ which started last Friday 25th October in a digital format.  You can read the magazine online on
UEFA : Referee Ovidiu Hategan (Romania) did follow protocol — UEFA official removed from his official
MLS : Walton looking  for a positive end to the season
AFC : Kuala Lumpur : Project Future referees hails second stepping stone
PAUL REJER : Discusses a header that was not awarded as a goal
Short corner kick tactic.  Is it a goal or not?
Mascot sent off for handing AR pair of glasses —  plus video of the life of a busy Bee
KUWAIT : Al Nasr v Al Arabi.  Referee strikes player when intimidated and then sends off a Sheikh !
LITHUANIA : Tie played despite pitch mostly underwater : FK Suduva v FK Banga (2-0)
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